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Messenger RNA (mRNA) is a single-stranded RNA molecule that corresponds to the genetic sequence of a gene and is study through the ribosome inside the manner of producing a protein. mRNA is created during the system of transcription, in which the enzyme RNA polymerase converts genes into primary transcript mRNA (additionally known as pre-mRNA). This pre-mRNA commonly nevertheless incorporates introns, areas as a way to no longer cross on to code for the final amino acid collection. these are eliminated inside the system of RNA splicing, leaving best exons, areas with the intention to encode the protein. This exon sequence constitutes mature mRNA. Mature mRNA is then study by the ribosome, and, using amino acids carried with the aid of switch RNA (tRNA), the ribosome creates the protein. This procedure is called translation. All of these methods form part of the central dogma of molecular biology, which describes the drift of genetic information in a biological gadget.
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