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Microbial metabolism is that the suggests that by that a bug obtains the energy and nutrients (e.g. carbon) it has to live and reproduce. Microbes use many various varieties of metabolic methods and species will usually be differentiated from one another supported metabolic characteristics. the particular metabolic properties of a bug area unit the foremost factors in determinant that microbe's condition, and infrequently afford that bug to be helpful in industrial processes or to blame for biogeochemical cycles. Some microbes area unit heterotrophic (more exactly chemoorganoheterotrophic), mistreatment organic compounds as each carbon and energy sources. heterotrophic microbes live off of nutrients that they scavenge from living hosts (as commensals or parasites) or realize in dead organic matter of all kind (saprophages). microorganism metabolism is that the main contribution for the bodily decay of all organisms once death. There area unit several variations on this theme, as totally different|completely different}|completely different} organisms area unit able to degrade different polymers and secrete different waste merchandise. Some organisms area unit even able to degrade additional recalcitrant compounds like fossil fuel compounds or pesticides, creating them helpful in bioremediation.

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