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Mental Retardation

The condition of having an IQ quantified as below 70 to 75 and consequential delays or lacks in at least two areas of adaptive skills. Noetic retardation is present from childhood. Between 2 and 3 percent of the general population meet the criteria for phrenic retardation. Causes of noetic retardation include fetal alcohol syndrome and fetal alcohol effect; encephalon damage caused by the utilization of prescription or illicit drugs during gravidity; encephalon injury and disease; and genetic disorders, such as Down syndrome and frangible X syndrome. Treatment of noetic retardation depends on the underlying cause. In some cases, such as phenylketonuria and congenital hypothyroidism, special diets or medical treatments can avail. In all cases, special edification starting as early in infancy as possible can avail people with noetic retardation maximize their faculties. To quantify a child adaptive deportments, a specialist will optically canvass the child skills and compare them to other children of the same age. Things that may be visually examined include how well the child can aliment or dress himself or herself; how well the child is able to communicate with and understand others; and how the child interacts with family, friends, and other children of the same age. Astute incapacitation is thought to affect about 1% of the population. Of those affected, 85% have mild perspicacious incapacitation. This denotes they are just a little more gradual than average to learn incipient information or skills. With the right support, most will be able to live independently as adults. The top online publishing journals publish articles which are cited as references by many authors in their work. Citations are important for a journal to get impact factor. Impact factor is a measure reflecting the average number of citations to recent articles published in the journal. The impact of the journal is influenced by impact factor, the journals with high impact factor are considered more important than those with lower ones. Indexing provides easy access of the article online. The international journals are among the best open access journals in the world, set out to publish the most comprehensive, relevant and reliable information based on the current research and development on a variety of subjects. This information can be published in our peer reviewed journal with impact factors and are calculated using citations not only from research articles but also review articles (which tend to receive more citations), editorials, letters, meeting abstracts, short communications, and case reports. The inclusion of these publications provides the opportunity for editors and publishers to manipulate the ratio used to calculate the impact factor and try to increase their number rapidly. Impact factor plays a major role for the particular journal.

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