International Journal of Applied Biology and Pharmaceutical Technology

Medical Informatics

Medical informatics is the intersection of information science, computer science, and health care. This field deals with the resources, devices, and methods required to optimize the acquisition, storage, retrieval, and use of information in health and biomedicine. There is no difference between medical and health informatics. Both words mean the same. Medical Informatics or Health Informatics is an emerging field within health informatics that uses information technology to benefit the health and human services industry. Health informatics combines the field of medicine, information technology, and science and information technology. The most important purpose of health informatics is to deliver the effective health care to patients. Medical informatics research units began to appear during the 1970s in Poland and in the U.S. Since then the development of high-quality health informatics research, education and infrastructure has been a goal of the U.S. and the European Union. While the EHR may be the most recognized example of clinical informatics in action in today's world, health information technology (HIT) is present everywhere you look in the healthcare system. For example: Bed management systems allow hospitals to manage their patient census.

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