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Marine-Mycology Scholarly Journal

Marine - botany learned journal = botany deals with the study of fungi as an entire, their genetic and organic chemistry properties, taxonomy and use to humans as a supply of food, drugs and diseases caused by them to humans also as plants. Marine botany is that the sub classification of botany that deals with the study of fungi occurring in oceans and seas. Most fungi ar intensive producers of poisons, antibiotics and secondary metabolites. one among the main roles compete by fungi is symbionts as lichens (association with algae), mycorrhizae (association with plants) and bug symbionts. a huge vary of fungi ar capable of simplifying complicated organic biomolecules like polymer, xenobiotics, petroleum, associated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that makes the fungi an indispensable unit in facilitating the world carbon cycle. learned journal may be a peer-reviewed journal during which scholarship with reference to a selected educational discipline is revealed.

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