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Management thinking is moving towards an understanding of act as a process of sense making. Successful management has then been ready to remove conflict and uncertainty and accurately predict and plan the longer term . the longer term is accordingly described as goals and performance targets In the longer term , effective managers also will be less hierarchical and more collaborative. Managers will got to understand their employees and, as leaders, they're getting to add tight labor markets. ... The manager will listen, instead of dictate, to team members so as to enhance team needs. Understanding Tech. A manager won't necessarily got to understand all the technology getting used but they're going to got to understand what the technology is meant to try to to and the way it affects the general business. Listening. Communication. Accepting of Diversity. Collaboration. Emotional Awareness. Understanding the requirements of various stakeholders and communicating with them appropriately. Bringing people together to unravel problems. ... Developing new ideas to unravel customers' problems.  Cultivating relationships with customers.  Building trust within your team. 

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