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Low Back Pain Among Drivers

poor body posture, inadequate seat guide and fatigue of back muscular tissues have been described as co-factors inside the pathogenesis of musculoskeletal issues of the backbone in operators/drivers. A survey of drivers become performed to determine the real state of affairs of drivers' low again pain .With the booming economic system and development of living standards in China, taxis have grow to be an quintessential mean of transportation. while the variety of taxi drivers has improved, there is a danger of overwork, monotony, boredom, repetition and the pressure of handling complex traffic situations . there's additionally a danger of disruption to diurnal rhythm with shift paintings . As a result, taxi drivers are at improved threat of some of fitness problems that may have an effect on their running lives .Low back pain (LBP) is particularly common and can cause sizeable non-public, network and monetary burdens . LBP has been diagnosed as one of the most common causes of decreased efficiency and nicely-being inside the popular working population. the ensuing financial, scientific and socio-monetary implications have an effect on people, employers and society at massive . therefore, there may be a need to research the prevalence and hazard factors of LBP among taxi drivers.  

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