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Scholarly open access relates to the building of knowledge and explaining to the scientific community. They are very helpful for the scholarly, academic, educational, scholastic, professorial and pedagogic requirements. We can use these words to search for scholarly articles. The scholarly open access articles are found in scholarly open access journals, where the complete peer-review is done by the scholarly people such as professors and scientists of highest cadre. A process of emitting light through optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation is called as laser. This is been coined as a acronym for stimulated emission of radiation through light amplification since lasers are emits light coherently their differ from all other sources of light. This spatial coherence helps to focus the light to a tight spot, using which these can be used in application like laser cutting and lithography, these properties also helps the laser beam to stay narrow for longer distances compared to other lights (collimation), laser pointers works on the same principle. High temporal coherence is another property of lasers which keep them in very narrow spectrum, i.e., able to emit single colour of light, using it we can produce pulses of light- minimum of femtosecond. Lasers have many important applications and are used in common devices like that of optical disk drives, barcode scanners and laser printers. Use in surgery and many other skin treatments are frequently seen. Entertainment media uses these lasers for display of extraordinary lights in different shapes and colors. International journal is among the leading open access publishers with around 700+ peer-reviewed journals, which has more than 50,000+ editorial board members in its Editorial Board and many expert reviewers for rigorous peer-review process and organizes more than 3000+ International Scientific Conferences across the globe.

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