International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology

Lab-scale Studies

The implementation of a novel processing technology needs a science-based approach where product benefits initially demonstrated in a laboratory environment and the associated risks are used to predict enhanced quality when the technology is used in large-scale industrial operation. We discuss four novel technologies business cases developed for food application moving from laboratory to industrial-scale application. For the successful implementation of novel processing schemes working back from product launch it is important for reliable equipment to be available at laboratory and pilot-scales. Validation of products and processes on an industrial scale is less thorough than pilot-scale testing: smaller batch sizes allow more critical parameters to be assessed, resulting in a better understanding of the process. In many cases, large-scale industrial equipment cannot be used; for example, laboratory-scale equipment is indispensible for checking critical parameters related to microbial inactivation kinetics of targeted pathogens.``

Relevant Topics in General Science