International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology


There is very little discussion over whether or not technological modification affects work processes and tasks. Yet, specifically however this happens isn't in any respect clear. This study asks the question: however have info technologies modified the character and distribution of labor and geographic point relationships in voluntary sector organizations? The authors conducted in-depth, semi structured interviews with respondents in three non-profit-making agencies within the capital region of recent New York State that had an intensive history of involvement in getting relationships with multiple government bureaucracies. The results indicate that the autonomy and suppleness related to abundant of the work performed by the non-profit-making labor pool influence however info technology affects geographic point processes and relationships. Workers with wide varied backgrounds fill fresh outlined IT jobs. Job satisfaction, workload, and therefore the distribution of power are altered in an exceedingly variety of complicated ways in which. Responses concerning technology and therefore the relationship between nonprofits and government also are explored.

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