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HIV causes AIDS and interferes with the body's ability to fight infections.
The virus may be transmitted through contact with infected blood, humour or epithelial duct fluids.
Within a couple of weeks of HIV infection, flu-like symptoms like fever, pharyngitis and fatigue will occur. Then the sickness is sometimes symptomless till it progresses to AIDS. AIDS symptoms embody weight loss, fever or night sweats, fatigue and repeated infections.
No cure exists for AIDS, however strict adherence to antiretroviral regimens (ARVs) will dramatically slow the disease's progress similarly as forestall secondary infections and complications.
HIV self-testing is additionally associate choice. Self-testing permits individuals to require associate HIV take a look at and ascertain their end in their house or different non-public location. you'll be able to get a self-test kit at a pharmacy or on-line. Some health departments or community-based organizations conjointly give self-test kits at no cost.
No effective cure presently exists, however with correct medical aid, HIV may be controlled. the medication accustomed treat HIV is termed antiretroviral medical aid or ART.  If individuals with HIV take ART as prescribed, their infective agent load (amount of HIV in their blood) will become undetectable. If it stays undetectable, they will live long, healthy lives associated have effectively no risk of transmission HIV to an HIV-negative partner through sex. Before the introduction of ART within the mid-1990s, individuals with HIV might reach AIDS in precisely a couple of years. Today, somebody diagnosed with HIV and treated before the sickness is much advanced will live nearly as long as somebody World Health Organization doesn't have HIV.
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