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Journal of Textile Engineering and Fashion Technology (JTEFT) is a companion investigated academic Journal that intends to distribute the most complete and solid wellspring of data on the revelations and current improvements in the textile media. The Journal scope chiefly incorporates from the material crude materials their handling to the creation of a wide range of material texture and yarns from material strands. Most recent Trends in Textile and Fashion Designing (LTTFD) premise is to fan out the data accessible in most recent patterns and advancement in material and style planning. This Journal is unflinching in distributing the most complete and dependable wellspring of data on the disclosures and ebb and flows advancements in the method of unique articles, survey articles, case reports, short interchanges and in every significant subject relating to progress in style innovation and improved liberal of material assembling and making them accessible online unreservedly with no limitations or some other memberships to analysts wide coming to. It is worried about the structure and composes the fiber, clothing and material procedure, apparatus, and items. This Journal fundamental expects to draw out all subjects of style innovation and material designing by the type of all kinds of articles, books, and video articles to arrive at the design world. It means to reserve and distribution the data among the individuals related to this capability. This Open Access Journal is steady to reveal the most real and current patterns in the area of disclosures and developments. We are cheerful that the style of business will satisfy its commitments and add to maintainability and a superior world.

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