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Health Informatics may be a discipline of science, which deals with intersection of data science, computing, medical informatics, health care informatics. It’s applied to several areas of science like pharmacy, dentistry, public health. General health informatics journal helps to enhance the standard of article during which citation values are going to be increased. Clinical Medical Informatics and deciding is an open access journal publishing original peer-reviewed research articles in reference to the planning, development, implementation, use, and evaluation of health information technologies and decision-making for human health. Medical Informatics might be a top-rated journal that focuses on clinical informatics and decision support for health professionals, ehealth infrastructures and application. Clinical Medical Informatics features in applied, translational research, with a broad readership including clinicians, CIOs, engineers, industry and health informatics professionals. These journals adhere to rigorous quality standards, involving a rapid and thorough peer-review process.

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