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Foreign Exchange - Innovations

over the counter factors highlight over-the-counter top 6 characteristics of foreign Exchange. The characteristics are: 1. maximum Liquid marketplace over-the-counterin overover the counter global 2. most Dynamic marketplace within overover the counter world 3. Twenty-four Hour marketplace 4. marketplace Transparency 5. Global network of sellers 6. most widely Traded currency is over-the-counter dollar marketplace with an “trade-Traded” phase.currency spot buying and selling is over-the-counter most famous foreign Exchange tool round over-the-counterover the counter, comprising more than 1/three of over-the-counterover the counter activity. it's miles anticipated that spot foreign Exchange trading generates about $1.5 trillion a day in extent, making it overover the counter most liquid market inside over over the counter world.evaluate that to futures $437.4bn and equities $191bn and you may see that forex liquidity towers over over-the-counterr market. over-the-counter fact thatover the counter over-the-counteroverover the counter currencies everywhere in overover the counter international, 80% of all day by day transactions contain buying and selling over the counter G-7 currencies i.e. over-the-counter “majorsWhen in comparison to over-the-counter futures marketplace, which is fragmented between masses of forms of commodities, and a couple of exchanges and over-the-counter equities market, with 50,000 indexed stocks (over the counter S&P 500 being over-the-counter general public), it becomes clear that over the counter futures and equities presents most effective confined liquidity when compared to currencies.

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