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Food Industry Innovations

Innovation in the food industry combines technological innovation with social and cultural innovation. It occurs throughout the entire food system, including production, harvesting, primary and secondary processing, manufacturing and distribution. The ultimate innovation is a new or improved consumer product and service. Innovations can be focused in one area of food technology, for example, process engineering, product formulation, food qualities or consumer needs; but ripples spread causing changes in other parts of the food system, in consumer eating patterns and in general social and cultural areas. Food industry innovation strategies need to be based on the total technology in the food system and concerned not only with the technological changes but also with the social and environmental changes, so as to produce food that satisfies the nutritional, personal and social needs and wants of all communities. Consumers are moving towards mindful eating by choosing clean and sustainable foods, but they are not giving up their preferences for organoleptic properties. Furthermore, changing health issues and active lifestyles are creating a greater demand for innovative and customized foods, as consumer interest in healthy, fresh and nutritious food increases. So too is an increased preference for organic, functional, plant-based foods emerging. Technology is fueling the transformation of consumer requirements brought about by changing trends. This information can be published in our peer-reviewed journal with impact factors and are calculated using citations not only from research articles but also review articles (which tend to receive more citations), editorials, letters, meeting abstracts, short communications, and case reports. The inclusion of these publications provides the opportunity for editors and publishers to manipulate the ratio used to calculate the impact factor and try to increase their number rapidly. Impact factor plays a major role for the particular journal. Journal with higher impact factor is considered to be more important than other ones.

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