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Environmental Forensics And Chemical Fingerprinting Impact Factor

In terms of the relationship between environmental pollution and economic development, the two factors are interrelated and restricted by each other, also the two factors have different effects on employment. Now the effects of the two on employment have gradually become the focus of the discussion in the academic circle. Based on this background, this thesis, in order to explore the effects of environmental pollution and economic development level on employment, first discussed the level of environmental pollution and the level of economic development according to the analysis of the influencing factors of employment, and finally constructed the model of the impact of environmental pollution level and the level of economic development on employment in order to provide some reference values for future researchers. Antifouling compounds are widely used in paints applied on ship hulls to prevent attachment of fouling organisms. However, a certain amount of these chemicals could leach from the painted surface, enter seawater, and pose deleterious effects on various marine biotas. The present study aimed to determine the concentration of organotin (OT) compounds and booster biocides in sediments collected from the seagrass area of Sungai Pulai estuary, Malaysia.

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