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As entrepreneurship analysis accumulates it's vital to sporadically conduct completely different kinds of literature reviews and bibliometric studies to understand the accumulated data This involves characteristic what has been created and what's already better-known, the streams and trajectories on the progression of entrepreneurship as a discipline, as an outgoing purpose from that new arenas is also uncovered the sector of entrepreneurship continues to be off from well mapped or understood. Therefore, it's helpful to dissect what's better-known by trying into the stock of data created. during this paper we have a tendency to request to stipulate a broad description of the entrepreneurship field by characteristic its main works and themes researched and the way they're interconnected. we have a tendency to additionally aim at providing a quick outlook on the evolution by examining the analysis stress. Finally, we have a tendency to discovered what were the foremost salient analysis themes in entrepreneurship throughout 1993 to 2010 and the way the themes have evolved, by delving into the author-supplied keywords to proxy analysis themes.

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