International Journal of Applied Biology and Pharmaceutical Technology

Empirical Research

Empirical research is a type of research methodology that makes use of verifiable evidence in order to arrive at research outcomes. In other words, this type of research relies solely on evidence obtained through observation or scientific data collection methods.Empirical research is research that is based on observation and measurement of phenomena, as directly experienced by the researcher. The data thus gathered may be compared against a theory or hypothesis, but the results are still based on real life experience.Empirical modelling is a generic term for activities that create models by observation and experiment. Empirical Modelling (with the initial letters capitalised, and often abbreviated to EM) refers to a specific variety of empirical modelling in which models are constructed following particular principles.Those employing empirical methods see systematic collection of material and/or analysis of data as the way to acquire knowledge. Those employing non-empirical methods value alternative ways, such as reflection on past scholarship or on a certain aspect of social life.

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