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Electronic Media

Electronic media is a category of media through which one can spread information or communicate to mass with the help of electronic devices and digital means. It includes, Television, Radio, Smart phones, etc. is the media that you possibly can share on any electronic tool for the audiences viewing, in contrast to static media (Printing) digital media is broadcasted to the broader community. Examples of digital media are matters consisting of the television the radio, or the wide internet.Broadcast or storage media that take benefit of electronic generation. they will consist of tv, radio, internet, fax, CD-ROMs, DVD, and some other medium that calls for energy or digital encoding of facts. The term 'electronic media' is often used in comparison with print media. The motive of the use of electronic media can be for plenty motives, one of the motives is that you can use it to market your self and whatever else from agencies to merchandise and so forth. electronic media is an efficient manner to speak to one another, either via the use of media devices and networks or social media resources which includes television or the net those are many of the many approaches you can use digital media to your advantage.there's a wide variety of electronic media that broadcast a selection of different things like classified ads and promotions. 

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