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Effect Of Media In Body Maintenance

Media play a major role in an individual as life, environment and communication with others. Whether it is via television, radio, news articles or the internet, one is inundated with information on a daily basis, and this information can either contribute to the physical and intellectual growth of that individual, or prove detrimental. This overload of information has probably the greatest impact on young minds that are surrounded by various technological tools that give rapid access to information. One of the significant influences that media exert on youngsters would be on their body image, the subjective concept of one physical appearance based on self-observation and reactions of others. It has two components: perceptions of the appearance of one  body, and emotional responses to them. Sreedharan J, Antony A, Qureshi S, Fazal S, Siddiqui H, et al. (2012) Media Influence on the Body Image Among Students in UAE. J Community Med Health Educ 2:182

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