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Ecology is that the study of the relationships between living organisms, as well as humans, and therefore their physical environment; it seeks to grasp the very important connections between plants and animals and the world around them. Ecology conjointly provides data regarding the advantages of ecosystems and the way we are able to use Earth’s resources in ways in which leave the atmosphere healthy for future generations. the various specialties among ecology, like marine, vegetation, and applied math ecology, give United States with data to raised perceive the planet around United States. This data can also facilitate United States improve the environment, manage our natural resources, and defend human health. the subsequent examples illustrate simply a couple of of the ways in which ecological information has completely influenced our lives. Ecologists have discovered that marshes and wetlands filter toxins and alternative impurities from water. Communities will reap the good thing about this ecological service. going away a number of these filtering ecosystems intact will scale back the burden on water treatment plants that are engineered to perform an equivalent service. By exploitation natural filtering systems, we've the choice to create fewer new treatment plants.

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