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The base of the word robot goes back to Karel Capek’s play Rossum Universal Robots (RUR) in 1921. This really started from the Czech word for “corvee”. Mechanically, apply autonomy fall into two classifications; these are in particular: tele-controllers, and the capacity of numerical control of machines. The f The first sorts of Tele-controllers were made of an arm and a gripper; this machine can be remotely controlled. The human gives directions by means of his control gadget to control the arm and gripper’s developments. These kinds of mechanical autonomy are utilized to deal with radioactive material. Be that as it may, the subsequent sort, Numeric control, is utilized to permit extremely exact control of machines comparable to a given facilitate framework. This was first used at MIT in 1952. This kind of mechanical technology tipped to the principal programming language for machines called Automatic Programmed Tools (APT). The amalgamation of the two kinds referenced above brought about the primary programmable telemanipulators; besides, these standards were first thought of and fitted into mechanical robots in 1961. Vehicle development plants are genuine instances of areas where these sorts of apply autonomy stay valuable. There was a craving to create mechanized transportation and self-sufficient vehicle frameworks and creation forms. Another kind of robots that can move, called portable mechanical technology, are being fabricated, and there is a specific sort which is called insectoid apply autonomy where the robots have numerous legs. These sorts are utilized for progressively self-sufficient purposes such working submerged. (Structure an Arm Robot through Prolog Programming Language, Aram Azad)

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