Journal of Dental Research and Practice

Dental Trauma

Dental trauma refers to trauma (injury) to the teethand/or periodontium (gums, periodontal ligament, alveolar bone), and nearby soft tissues such as the lips, tongue, etc. The study of dental trauma is called dental traumatology. When the pulp is exposed or damaged after a crown fracture, root canal treatmentmay be needed. These injuries require special attention. If breathing through your mouth or drinking cold fluids is painful, bite on clean, moist gauze or cloth to help relieve symptoms until reaching your dentist's office. When dental trauma receives timely attention and proper treatment, the prognosis for healing is good. As with other types of trauma, infection may be a complication, but treatment with antibiotics is generally effective. Parents are sometimes concerned about the appearance of their child after he or she loses a permanent tooth. Cosmetic dentistry and orthodonture can with time and patience correct almost any problems arising from dental trauma.

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