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Nanotubes is a high impact international journal, publishing high quality research across Nanotubes and nanotechnology. Nanotubes publish a full mix of research articles on experimental and theoretical work, including reviews, communications and full papers. Highly interdisciplinary, Nanotubes appeals to scientists, researchers and professionals interested in Nanotubes and nanotechnology, including the areas of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, materials, energy/environment, information technology, detection science, healthcare and drug discovery, and electronics.For publication in Nanotubes, papers must report high quality reproducible new work that will be of significant general interest to the journal's wide international readership. Nanotubes is a collaborative venture between the Royal Society of Chemistry Publishing and a leading Nanotubes research centre, the National Center for Nanotubes and Technology (NCNST) in Beijing, China.

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