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Bioventing which entails the use of soil vapor extraction (SVE) systems for the transport of oxygen to the subsurface, where indigenous microorganisms are stimulated to metabolize fuel components aerobically. These systems are designed to optimize transfer of oxygen and utilization efficiency which are operated at much lower flow rates and with configurations much different than those of conventional SVE systems. The applications of these bioventing systems design are contrasted to those of conventional SVE systems, and the two key elements of bioventing system design evaluation include in situ microbial activity and air permeability determinations. OMICS Group through its Open Access Initiative is committed to make genuine and reliable contributions to the scientific community. It follows an Open Access publication model that enables the dissemination of research articles to the global community free of cost. It has more than 700+ peer-reviewed journals and organizes more than 3000+ International Scientific Conferences. We have more than 50,000+ editorial board members and more than 15 million readers. Journal of Bioremediation & Biodegradation is one among the top journals which publish novel work in the form of research or review articles related to Biodegradation and bioremediation technologies. This journal publishes articles after being reviewed by 2 experts of the concerned field. OMICS Group International is an online directory that indexes and provides access to quality open access, Top journals in-order to collaborate and tie up with the scientific communities of other Open Access journal publishers. Journal of Bioremediation & Biodegradation is a forum for Scientists from all over the world to exchange ideas and to propagate the scientific knowledge

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