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Bioprotectants can act as the anti-oxidants which can reduce the effect of the dangerous oxidants by binding the harmful molecules. The main aim of the bioprotectants is to enhance the protection of the plants, improving the biological control and for the better Biosecurity. These supplements protect the plant from the major threats generated from the climate and the changes due to land usage. In the present investigations, it is proved that the inoculation of multifunctional microbial formulation to the soil improves soil quality, soil health, plant health, growth, yield, and quality of a broad spectrum of crops reducing chemical fertilizer and pesticide input. These microbial populations consist of selected species including plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria, N2-fixing bacteria, Phosphate solubilizers, phytohormone producers, plant disease suppressive bacteria, and fungi. To make it very simple a different dimension as Bio Protectant” is given in this presentation to the collective synergistic effects of beneficial microbes stimulating soil, plant, and environmental health reducing chemical fertilizer and pesticide application. A healthy plant does not require unwanted, poisonous chemical pesticides.

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