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Water which is discovered everywhere throughout the Earth as streams, lakes and sea are frequently dirtied containing trash, microbes or sickness. Without the treatment of this water, ailments would be wild. The significant segment of this treatment is known as bioaugmentation. The way toward utilizing normal supplements and microorganisms to separate contaminants present in the slop or waters. Notwithstanding its long‐term use in bioremediation, bioaugmentation of debased destinations with microbial cells keeps on being a wellspring of debate inside natural microbiology. This generally results from its famously questionable exhibition record. In this article, we contend that the capricious idea of the methodology originates from the underlying strain determination step. As of recently, this has been directed by the quest for catabolically capable microorganisms, with practically zero thought given to other basic highlights that are required to be practically dynamic and constant in target living spaces. We portray how specialized advances in sub-atomic science and explanatory science, presently empower evaluations of the utilitarian assorted variety and spatial dispersion of microbial networks to be made in situ. These advances presently empower microbial populaces, directed for misuse, to be separated to the cell level, a development that will undoubtedly improve microbial choice and abuse. We contend that this information‐based approach is now ending up being more viable than the customary 'black‐box' approach of strain determination. The future viewpoints and open doors for improving choice of viable microbial strains for bioaugmentation are likewise examined.

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