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 Anatomy is the identification and outline of the structures of living things. it's a branch of biology and medication. The study of anatomy goes back over two,000 years, to the traditional Greeks. It are often divided into 3 broad areas: Human anatomy, zootomy, or animal anatomy, and phytotomy, that is plant anatomy.
Anatomy (Greek anatomÄ“, 'dissection') is that the branch of biology concerned with the study of the structure of organisms and their components.[1] Anatomy may be a branch of science that deals with the structural organization of living things. it's associate degree previous science, having its beginnings in prehistoric times.[2] Anatomy is inherently tied to developmental biology, embryology, comparative anatomy, organic process biology, and phylogeny,[3] as these square measure the processes by that anatomy is generated, each over immediate and semipermanent timescales. Anatomy and physiology, that study the structure and function of organisms and their components severally, build a natural try of related disciplines, and square measure usually studied along. Human anatomy is one in every of the essential basic sciences that are applied in medicine.
Like most scientific disciplines, anatomy has areas of specialization. Gross anatomy is the study of the larger structures of the body, those visible while not the help of magnification (Figure 1a). Macro- means that “large,” thus, general anatomy is additionally stated as macroscopic anatomy. In distinction, micro- means that “small,” and general anatomy is that the study of structures which will be ascertained solely with the utilization of a magnifier or different magnification devices (Figure 1b). general anatomy includes biological science, the study of cells and microscopic anatomy, the study of tissues. because the technology of microscopes has advanced, anatomists are able to observe smaller and smaller structures of the body, from slices of huge structures just like the heart, to the three-dimensional structures of huge molecules within the body.

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