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Bacterial Diseases Innovations

All bacterial diseases in plants have one trait in common – their prevention and early diagnosis are essential to taking control of the diseases. Using bacteria-free seeds and then monitoring the plants in all their stages of growth can ensure better control over any bacterial disease that might spread. Bacteriology and Parasitology is a dynamic field, as these worms constantly change the morphology, hosts, and host relationships. Therefore, Journal of Bacteriology and Parasitology adds new discoveries to our basic knowledge by which the information transforms from basic understanding to practical and clinical application. Since, these fields producing exciting discoveries and information on a regular basis, the Journal Bacteriology and Parasitology updates the microbiologists, pathologists, clinicians, and veterinary specialists. As an electronic-based Open Access journal, The Journal of Bacteriology and Parasitology is the prime priority among the research communities for updated path-breaking discoveries in Bacteriology and Parasitology.

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