The Surgical Healthcare Teams Fights against nCOVID-19

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Editorial - (2021) Volume 10, Issue 5

The Surgical Healthcare Teams Fights against nCOVID-19

Hazim Abdul Rahman Alhiti*
*Correspondence: Hazim Abdul Rahman Alhiti, Department of Surgery, Hit General Hospital, Hit, Iraq, Email:

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In medicine, the surgeon is the doctor who does surgery. Therefore, there are diverse varieties of surgeons who carried surgery in different and growing surgical branches. The surgical team is a group of experienced medical healthcare staff who assist the surgeon throughout the surgery [1].

Coronaviruses provoke a spectrum of complaints; the recent one is COVID-19. Moreover, these viruses attack the respiratory system and other body systems. Furthermore, the investigators recognized a new coronavirus sickness in Wuhan, China, in the winter of 2019. Accordingly, there were strange cases of critical acute and rapidly progressive respiratory symptoms that terminate in death. Further, the laboratory, histological and radiological investigations expressed coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) [2].


There was a quarrel among healthcare specialists about the exact role of the surgical healthcare team against the COVID-19 pandemic despite the presence of first-line healthcare staff, who are mainly medical staff.


Through the surgical residency in the world, the surgical trainees acquire the basic concepts of all medical and surgical disorders, perioperative case supervision, technical surgical experiences, and the disease sequences on patients' life. The development of surgical management depends on the perception and awareness of these obstacles, with the surgical trainee's response to these challenges [3].

The surgeons share in the discovery and development of new drug modalities against COVID-19. Moreover, some surgeons applied the newly discovered drugs to their patients [4].

Furthermore, the surgical healthcare team carried some necessary procedures for patients who had COVID-19. Further, the surgical healthcare team was in the first-line position like their accompanying medical healthcare staff [5].

COVID-19 had many impacts on the work of the surgeons. Accordingly, the COVID-19 affects the surgical waiting list, preoperative checking investigations, more preventive tasks, and operative room preparations. Moreover, COVID-19 attacks the surgical healthcare staff; some of them died while some of them were disabled [6].

The surgical experiences and training had many new additional challenges in the COVID-19 pandemic. Accordingly, the surgical healthcare team faced the COVID-19 complaints the highest suspicion, the precise decision, the right task, the knowledge transmission to the patients concerning the patient decision. Besides, medical ethics and patient health state had many new hurdles affect the surgical healthcare staff decision during the COVID-19 pandemic [7].


On the other hand, some surgical health care antagonizes the medical health specialists, sometimes with inter-professional conflicts. Moreover, the surgical views differ in the decision, action, and interference. Accordingly, these opinions differences affect patient respect and health management [8].


COVID-19 attacks the human body as a whole in different organ degrees. Moreover, some patients were already in disturbed health status, and they were in chronic regular drug prescription or operated for a particular reason. Hence, the surgical healthcare staff involvement is an essential part of the patient COVID-19 attack [9].


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Hazim Abdul Rahman Alhiti*
Department of Surgery, Hit General Hospital, Hit, Iraq

Citation: Alhiti HAR. The Surgical Healthcare Teams Fights against nCOVID-19. J Biol Today's World, 2021, 10(5), 001.

Received: 30-Jul-2021 Published: 20-Aug-2021, DOI: 10.35248/2322-3308.21.10.018

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