Journal of Biology and Today's World

ISSN - 2322-3308

Volume 6, Issue 6, 2017

Short Communication

Pages: 97 - 101

Empathic Communication and Essential Instruction for Medical Students

Ali Cyrus, Bahman Salehi, Mahdyieh Naziri, Bahman Sadeghi Sedeh, Rana Vosoulie

DOI: 10.15412/J.JBTW.01060601

Short Communication

Pages: 110 - 114

Comparison of Wishes in Two Groups of Patients with Life-threatening Illnesses

Shima Afshar, Baranak Safaian, Mamak Shariat, Noora Afshar, Fedyeh Haghollahi

DOI: 10.15412/J.JBTW.01060603

Research Article

Pages: 115 - 122

An Automatic Leaf Disease Detection System for Legume Species

Sukhvir Kaur, Shreelekha Pandey, Correspondence twoShivani Goel

DOI: 10.15412/J.JBTW.01060604