Journal of Biology and Today's World

ISSN - 2322-3308

Volume 3, Issue 5, 2014

Short Communication

Pages: 109 - 112

Protein structure prediction of human connexin 30 and its mutations in hearing system

Somayeh Reiisi, MohammadHosein Sanati, Morteza Hashemzade-chaleshtori, Salimeh Reisi, Heshmat Shahi, Shahrbano Parchami, Mohammad AminTabatabaiefar, Zarrin Minuchehr

DOI: 10.15412/J.JBTW.01030502

Research Article

Pages: 113 - 116

"Correlation between dP/dt and dP/dt max with right ventricle functional capacity in patients with rheumatic heart disease before and after valve replacement surgery"

Nahid Salehi, Hashem Kazerani, MohammadReza Saidi, Alireza Rai, mohammadRasoul Ghadami, Fataneh Peermohammadi, Hooman Tadbiri

DOI: 10.15412/J.JBTW.01030503

Short Communication

Pages: 117 - 119

"Nutrition Related Behavior Problems in Autism Spectrum Disorders"

Mansour Noori, Farzad Weisi, Vahdi Rashedi, Amir Tayebi Sani, Mohammad Rezaei, Mohammad Mahboubi

DOI: 10.15412/J.JBTW.01030504