Treatment Protocol for Retrieval of Tooth/Root Fragment Disp | 44721

Journal of Dental Research and Practice


Treatment Protocol for Retrieval of Tooth/Root Fragment Displaced in Maxillary Sinus: Report of Two Cases

Parnika Kuthiala, Sunaina Singla, Ankita Bansal, Ramandeep Grewal

Maxillary sinus is the largest of the paranasal sinuses and occupies the body of maxilla. The inadvertent displacement of a
tooth or tooth fragment, foreign bodies like root filling materials, piece of amalgam during extraction, dental implants,
needles etc. may occur in the paranasal sinuses through a variety of traumatic and iatrogenic events. Although it is
questionable whether such a mishap should be regarded as a dental emergency; it is none the less a complication which
should be treated without undue delay. This paper presents a report of two cases in which conservative treatment
modalities have been performed and a step wise treatment protocol for the same has been discussed.