Towards the concept of global health nursing | Abstract

Journal of Clinical Nursing and Practice


Towards the concept of global health nursing

Nuruddeen Abubakar

Background & Aim: Global health can be defined as the health issues of populations in a global context. It also includes area of study, research and practice which puts a need on improving health and accomplishing value in health for all individuals around the world. Global health is all about local and global health improvement, recognizing the health issues, reduction of disparities, health issues exist for vulnerable populations, homelessness persons or people in poverty, refugee communities and immigrant, including indigenous people. Global health nursing depicts health related work around the world and focuses more on the differences between the nurses, role among nations and recognized why nursing care in specific country varies from another. It additionally helps in analysing different types of health issues and concerns that rise above public boundaries class, race, identity and culture. The primary objective of this study is to present the concept of global health nursing and the article additionally contends for the requirement for global health nursing.

Method: This review evaluates accessible evidences, both published and unpublished, on issues identified with the global health nursing and the role of nurses in global health. The review is qualitative based.

Result: Globalization, modern innovations and technologies, migration, travel and changes in diseases trend internationally has made the role of nursing to become more diverse and less conventional. These issues change the role of nurses in the health care system to become enormous and extremely challenging. This article considers the reaction to issues of emerging global health nursing concept, purposes, challenges, global health nursing activities in both developed and developing countries and the role of nurses globally in maternal health and paediatric health; preparedness for advocacy in global health within a framework of equity, social justice and strengthening of health care system globally.

Conclusion: Global health nursing goes beyond the mediation to really focus on a patient with a specific medical issue yet, anyway wellbeing is interconnected to political, economic and social context and hence this clarify the need of multiprofessional and multi-sectorial approach to achieve the goal of global health and the need for global health nursing. Global health equity can be promoted and if the profile of nursing and nurses will be raised and enable nurses to be aware of global health issues so as to empower them to work to their full most extreme potential, to accomplish more noteworthy health outcome and wellness.