To characterize the mineralization potential of CPP-ACP and | 58088

Journal of Dental Research and Practice


To characterize the mineralization potential of CPP-ACP and a BIOMINF glass using MAS- NMR at an acidic pH

Syed Hassan Jan*, Ayesha Iqbal, Suraiya Hirani, Salwan Ghani and Fahad Salim

Objectives: Casein Phosphopeptide and Amorphous Calcium Phosphate complex (CPP-ACP) is the main remineralizing additive in GC Tooth Mousse®. The objective of this study was to analyze the fluoride mineral phase formed on enamel after application of GC Tooth Mousse (GC), BIOMINF® (BF) and fluoride in an acidic environment.

Methods: Enamel blocks (n=1), measuring ~5×5mm with a maximum thickness of ~1mm, were cutfrom caries-freepermanenthumanmolars. Eachenamelblockwasimmersedin50mlofacidicsolution (0.1M acetic acid pH 4.0) at 37°C for 24hrs. Subsequently, the samples were subjected to remineralization by immersing them in a fresh acidic solution (0.1MaceticacidpH4.0) containing either 1g of BF, 1g GC, 1g GC +18ppm F – or 18ppm F. These samples were then stored for a further 96 hrs at 37°C. All five enamel blocks were accurately weighed (±0.0001g) before and after the demineralization and remineralization cycle to calculate the percent weight loss/gain. At the end of their mineralization cycle the enamel blocks were ground to a powder and analyzed for fluoride mineral phase using 19FMAS-NMR. The remineralization solutions were tested for changes in pH using a calibrated pH electrode. Changes in F-concentration was monitored using ISE, whereas Ca and P concentrations were analyzed using ICP-OES.

Results: BF showed highest weight increase during remineralization cycle. This was followed by GC + 18ppm F and GC Tooth Mousse. The18ppm F-samples showed a further weight loss. BF showed enhanced buffering capacity as compared to any of the materials tested. It also showed highest consumption of fluoride during remineralisation.19FMAS-NMR spectra showed formation of fluorapatite and CaF2 in varying proportions for all the samples. However, for 18ppm F- samples, the peak for CaF2 was more prominent as compared to others.

Conclusion: Both BIOMINF® and GC tooth Mousse have enhanced remineralization properties and forms acid resistant appatite on the surface of enamel.