The Growing Potential of Neurophysiology in Multiple Scleros | 46804

Journal of Multiple Sclerosis

ISSN - 2376-0389
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The Growing Potential of Neurophysiology in Multiple Sclerosis

Canham LJW, Western DG, Walsh P, Kane N, Inglis K and Cottrell DA

Neurophysiological techniques have a long history of clinical and research use in the setting of Multiple Sclerosis. With the output of evoked potential and electroencephalographic recordings being a direct consequence of the underlying functional integrity and activity of the nervous system it is unsurprising there is currently a resurgent interest in their possible use as biomarkers of disease related dysfunction.

Herein we discuss the promise and possible pitfalls associated with their use in translational research of MS therapeutics. The numerous advantages of these methods are touched upon as demonstrated by their application to date. A number of obstacles which must be overcome prior to their successful widespread implementation are also outlined and readily achievable solutions discussed.