The frequency of Allergy in Henoch-Schonlein purpura | Abstract

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The frequency of Allergy in Henoch-Schonlein purpura

Sadeghi Shabestari M

Background: The etiology of Henoch –Schonlien Purpura (HSP) a common systemic small vessels vasculitis, is unknown but exposure to allergens prior the onset of disease has been reported, so allergy may have an important role in progress of the disease. We study is the role of allergy in development of HSP and correlation between allergy and severity of HSP based on Gastrointestinal and renal involvement.Methods: In this analytic cross-sectional study, Demographic data and history of allergy were taken from HSP patients admitted to Tabriz Children hospital with throughout one year was recorded in predesigned questionnaire. After collection and data were entered in SPSS Software and in all statistical tests P<0.05 was considered significant.Results: altogether 68 HSP patient were admitted to the hospital and gave consent to participate in the study, from these 15(22%) individual were affected by allergy. Frequency of allergy in patients with Gastrointestinal involvement, Renal involvement and need to steroid therapy was 13(23%), 10(24%) and 14(23%), respectively, which was no significant difference in this regard (P=0.620, 0.865 and 0.601, respectively) there was no significant correlation between age and gender with Allergy (P=0.876 and 0.629 respectively). All the patients had cutaneous involvement, where prevalence of Allergy in upper and lower limb involvement alone, lower limb with auricle involvement and more severe forms of involvement was 25%,23% and zero.Conclusion: Results of our study suggests that prevalence of Allergy in HSP patients didn’t significantly differ in different ages, genders and involvement of different systems of body.