Preperitoneal Dermoid Cyst Simulating a Direct Inguinal Hern | 46621

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Preperitoneal Dermoid Cyst Simulating a Direct Inguinal Hernia: Case Report

Antonino A, Lovisetto F, Corradini C, De Cesare F, Geraci O, Manzi M, Bagnato R and Arceci F

Dermoid cysts of the inguinal region are rare events that can mimic hernias. More frequently located on the floor of the inguinal canal and often arising from the spermatic cord/round ligament, they mostly interest children and young people. Hereby we describe a case of a 63 year old man presenting a history of slowly progressive swelling with cough impulse in the left inguinal region. The patient underwent inguinal exploration with preoperative diagnosis of inguinal hernia. A cystic mass measuring 7 × 5 × 5 cm was found under the floor of the inguinal canal, deeply to the transversalis fascia. The mass was completely enucleated. The microscopic examination confirmed the intraoperative suspicion of dermoid cyst. The peculiarity of our case is based on three characteristics: site of the dermoid cyst, age of the patient and clinical symptoms. Particularly, in our detailed analysis of the literature, we have found rare cases of dermoid cysts of the inguinal region, but none of them were preperitoneal.