Orthokeratinised Odontogenic Cyst: A Diagnostic Havoc | 44250

Journal of Dental Research and Practice


Orthokeratinised Odontogenic Cyst: A Diagnostic Havoc

Balamurugan R* and Sahana PT

This case report presents a 27 year old male patient who reported with pain in his anterior mandible since a week. History
revealed an incidence of trauma on his chin when he was young for which he didn't undergo any treatment. On
examination buccal cortical expansion was clinically evident and tenderness was elicited on percussing over the lower
anterior teeth. Aspiration was negative initially while it showed serous blood the second time. Radiograph featured an
unilocular radiolucency extending from distal of left mandibular first premolar to mesial of right mandibular first molar with
an impacted right mandibular canine was seen. Displacement of teeth and inter-radicular scalloping were also evident.
With all these clinical and radiographic features we could arrive at a provisional diagnosis of odontogenic keratocyst. A
differential diagnosis of traumatic bone cyst and ameloblastoma were also considered. A Complete surgical excision with
curettage of the cystic cavity was performed following which histopathological evaluation confirmed the lesion to be an
orthokeratinised odontogenic cyst.