Nivolumab-Induced Rapid Tumor Remission of Pulmonary Adenoca | 45521

Oncology & Cancer Case Reports

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Nivolumab-Induced Rapid Tumor Remission of Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma

Falkenstern-Ge RF, Kimmich M, Wohlleber M, Bode-Erdmann S, Friedel G, Ott G, and Kohlhäufl M

We The immune checkpoint modulator, nivolumab (BMS-936558/ONO-4538), is the first PD-1 inhibitor to gain regulatory approval, for the treatment of patients with unresectable melanoma. Nivolumab received FDA approval for the treatment of melanoma in December 2014. On 24 April 2015, the Committee for Medical Products for Human Use of the European Medicine Agency recommended approval of Nivolumab for metastatic melanoma as a monotherapy. In March 2015, the US FDA approved it for the treatment of squamous non-small cell lung cancer. This case reports about a patient with metastatical pulmonary adenocarcinoma who benefited from the therapy with nivolumab. Already after 10 weeks of treatment with nivolumab, we registered rapid tumor remission.

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