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Morphological Aspects of the Parietal Lobe in the Lateral Surface of theBrain: An in vivo MRI Study

Sergio Georgeto MD

Abstract Background: parietal lobe is an important area of the brain involved in a number of higher cortical functions. Anatomy descriptions differ with regard to the classical ways, making the location of the elements that compose the imprecise parietal lobule. Objective: To develop a method of location nine references in the parietal lobe, analyze the reliability of this method when using the techniques T1 and T1 IR GRE GRE and determine which technique performs better in identifying references proposals. Methods: The study included 30 healthy volunteers with a mean age of 25.3 ± 7.04 years; 16 53.3% were women and 14 46.7% were men. Methodology sought to identify the structures that comprise the parietal lobe. The reliability of the method was evaluated on technical GRE T1 and T1 IR GRE in two stages. Firstly, intra-observer analysis and inter-observer analyzes were performed using individuals as a parameter. Then, the techniques were compared with respect to hemispheres, using techniques such as a parameter. The performance of each technique was evaluated using a binomial test considering two categories of display method comprising references. Results: Both techniques have shown a satisfactory or higher level, both intra and inter-rater of most references. The T1 IR GRE technique achieved superior performance in easily classified as identifiable. Conclusions: The proposed method was reliable in identifying references located in the parietal lobe. T1 IR GRE was the technique that outperformed.