Milestone of World Pandemics: A review on Remedy for COVID-1 | 63434

Journal of Microbiology and Immunology


Milestone of World Pandemics: A review on Remedy for COVID-19 diseases to Revitalize Human Race from Deadly Corona Virus

Adedayo Olajide Ajayi

Viruses are group of microorganisms that can only develop intracellularly. Many animal forms like Bat, Snake, Cows, Rats and some wild animals serves as their zoonotic sources. The emergence of novel SARS-CoV-2 which is part of the Coronaviridae family from Wuhan, China in December, 2019 is a turning point of world preparedness against strange viral respiratory disease. As the world reflects on pandemics historically. Epidemics like the London plague of 1665 and Great Plague of Marseille, France of 1720 claimed millions of lives. Among the most dreadful world pandemics are “Antonine Plague” that occurred in 165AD and claimed 5 million lives in Asia, Egypt, Greece and Italy. “Plague of Justinian” occurred between 541 to 542. Similarly, “The Flu Pandemic” also known as Spanish flu occurred between 1918 to 1920. Just 100years ago. ”3rd Plague of 1855” started from China and killed 10 million Indians in less than one year.” The Black Death”. This was by far the worst. It occurred from 1346-1353, that was 7 years long pandemic whereby half of the world’s population died. HIV-AIDS has peak record deaths between 2005-2012. In the year 2019/2020 COVID-19 broke out severely than MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV which occurred in recent years. One possible strategy for treating SARS-CoV-2 is to control the host’s immune system. Evidence shows that high levels of inflammation accompany the most severe cases of COVID-19. Control measures will consider this coupled with personal hygiene measures including hand wash, the use of face mask and physical distancing.

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