Lipoblastoma in Paediatric Tumour-Report of Two Cases | 46495

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Lipoblastoma in Paediatric Tumour-Report of Two Cases

Majethia NK

Lipoblastomatous tumours are rare neoplasms derived from embryonic white adipose tissues. We report on two children with different types of lipoblastomatous tumours at rare sites. The first had a localised lipoblastoma adjacent to the paraspinal muscles and spinal canal successfully resected without recurrence. The second patient had diffuse lipoblastomatosis in the axillary area. Radiologically, both lesions had characteristic fat density signals. The former lesion was benign-looking with a well-defined border, while the latter was infiltrative and had raised the suspicion of malignant liposarcoma. The definitive diagnosis was derived from characteristic histopathological features.