Inflammatory Idiopathic Myopathies: Clinical, Laboratory Fea | 46327

Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology

ISSN - 2155-9562


Inflammatory Idiopathic Myopathies: Clinical, Laboratory Features and Prognostic Observations in 118 Hispanic-Mestizo Patients

Bernardo Cacho, Brenda O López-Tintos, Rocío Orozco-Topete, Carlos Cantu-Brito, Guillermo S Garcia-Ramos, Nydia A. Lorenzana-Mendoza and Fernando Espinosa-Lira

Objective: To determine the clinical and laboratory features, malignancy, outcome and their association in a
Hispanic mestizo population with Inflammatory Idiopathic Myopathies (IIM).
Material and methods: The medical records of Hispanic mestizo patients with dermatomyositis, polymyositis or
overlap syndrome from a single center were reviewed. Several variables were studied with emphasis on malignancy.
Results: We report the clinical and laboratorial features of 118 patients with IIM; the female to male ratio was
2.3:1. Elevated CK, proximal weakness, compatible biopsy and elevated LDH were the most frequent findings.
Malignancy was found in 9,3%, gynecological tumors were the most common (55%). Mortality was 10.2%, mainly
related to infections and respiratory failure.
Conclusions: The overall rate of malignancy in this large series of patients with IIM was 9.3%. The majority of
our patients reached a good outcome. No risk factors for malignancy were found.