Granular Cell Tumor of the Tongue: A Case Report with Emphas | 45501

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Granular Cell Tumor of the Tongue: A Case Report with Emphasis on the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Proceedings

Bacem AE Ottoman

Granular cell tumor (GCT), eponymically Abrikossoff’s myoblastoma, is an uncommon asymptomatic benign neoplasm with controversial etiopathogenia. The tumor typically reveals itself as a well-circumscribed, slowly growing nodular mass. Tongue is most commonly preferred in the head and neck region. The conventional size of the granular cell tumor is usually measuring 2-3 centimeters in its greater diameter. The granular cell tumor can taint all age groups, with a peak between 40 and 60 years. This report introduces, however, a case of GCT of the tongue in a much younger female that was totally excised. The clientele has shown up after 1, 3 and 6 months for follow-up. In the head and neck region, there was no evidence of either recurrence or metachronous clinical manifestations of any similar lesions; at the clinical and sonographical assessment.

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