Full Mouth Rehabilitation with all on 4 Protocol using two D | 88824

Journal of General Dentistry


Full Mouth Rehabilitation with all on 4 Protocol using two Different Implant Supported Prosthesis

Manjita M Parab*, Amanda Ferreira, Meena A Aras, Vidya Chitre and Vidya Chitre

Aim: To describe in a stepwise manner the various treatment options for treating patients insisiting on fixed treatment using all on 4 treatment protocol.

Background: Various approaches have been developed for the rehabilitation of severely resorbed maxillary and mandibular arches with implant supported restorations. Most of these treatments are expensive and complex.

Case description: The “All-on-Four” concept is based on the placement of four implants in the anterior part of fully edentulous jaws to support a provisional, fixed, and immediately loaded full-arch prosthesis. This article describes the rehabilitation of two patients, one with fully edentulous arches and the other with an edentulous mandible opposing partially edentulous maxillary arch using two types of definitive fixed implant-supported prostheses.

Conclusion: Predictable treatment outcome can be achieved using the all on four treatment protocol with two different prosthetic designs.

Clinical significance: It covers the selection criteria for various treatment options which could be helpful to a general dentist long term follow up of both patients showed improvement of the oral health and the quality of life.