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Epidemiology and Management of Gynecological and Breast Cancers in the Two Reference Hospitals of Parakou, in North Benin

Obossou AAA, Tognifode MV, Brun L, Balle MC, Denakpo JL, Akpo EM, Hpunkpatin BIB, Hounkponou NF, Salifou K, Sidi IR, Vodouhe MV and Perrin RX

Objective: It’s aim at describing the epidemiological features and management modalities of gynecological and breast cancers in Parakou in 2016.

Framework and study method: It was a retrospective descriptive and analytical study covering a six-year period running from January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2015. It took place in Parakou at the University-affiliated Hospital of Borgou Department and at Boko Zone Hospital.

Results: Of the 90 cases of gynecological and breast cancers recorded during this period, cervical cancer was the leading one with 54.44%. Breast cancer accounted for 34.44%, followed by ovarian cancer (5.57%). The median time from the onset of first symptoms to first consultation was 92 ± 71 days. The mean age of patients was 45 ± 15.9 years. Most cancers were diagnosed at an advanced stage (stage II, III or IV) that’s 60.43%. The most common anatomopathological types were: invasive ductal carcinomas (67.74%) for the breast andinvasive squamous cell carcinomas for the cervix (66%). Surgical treatment is always the only therapeutic mean available.

Conclusion: Gynecological and breast cancers are common in northern Benin. The treatment remains essentially surgical. It’s necessary to promote the early detection of these pathologies.

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