Electrophysiological Study of the Posterior Cutaneous Femora | 45617

Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology

ISSN - 2155-9562


Electrophysiological Study of the Posterior Cutaneous Femoral Nerve: Normative Data

Brooks, Silva C MD, Kai MR and Leal GXP

The posterior cutaneous femoral nerve provides cutaneous inervation of the posterior surface of the thigh and leg, as well as the skin of the perineum. Using Dumitru et al. [1] technique for the assessment of this nerve, we studied one hundred and sixteen limbs from fifty-eight healthy volunteers. The mean values for the posterior cutaneous femoral nerve were as follows: onset latency 2.0 msec (±0.5), amplitude 7.0μV (±2.1), nerve conduction velocity 52 m/s (±4). The assessment of the posterior femoral cutaneous nerve is simple and reproducible. The results of this standardization were similar to the ones described in international literature.