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Does Oral Lycopene Reduce Benign Prostate Enlargement/Hyperplasia (BPE/BPH)?

Hitendra RH Patel

Aims: Lycopene is a potent antioxidant found in ‘Mediterranean diets’ with evidence suggesting a beneficial effect on the prostate. Our objective was to critically appraise the current literature whether Lycopene has a beneficial effect on benign prostatic enlargement.

Methods: We searched PubMed electronic databases for articles published through 2000. The following key words used: lycopene and prostate or prostrate cancer or prostatitis or BPH or BOO or LUTS or LUTD or BPE, in vitro or in vivo, animal study.

Results: The literature search identified 91 articles for analysis, 24 in vitro, 9 in vivo, 43 clinical and 15 review articles. We analyzed the papers with regards to bioavailability of lycopene, laboratory findings and clinical results of lycopene supplementation.

Conclusions: Lycopene has beneficial effects on prostate and several mechanisms of action have been identified in laboratory and clinical studies. However, the most important issue regarding future trials with lycopene is bioavailability.

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