Commentary on A Push-to-Talk Application as an Inter-Profess | 82722

Medical Reports & Case Studies

ISSN - 2572-5130


Commentary on A Push-to-Talk Application as an Inter-Professional Communication Tool in an Emergency Department

Ahmad AAl Ibrahim*, Osama Kentab, Khaled Soliman, Abdulaziz Alresseeni, Khalid Aljohani and Muna Aljahany

We have demonstrated significant benefits of a novel communication system based on a walkie-talkie application in the ED for inter-professional communication upon receiving patients presenting with COVID-19 like symptoms. We recommend extending the application of the novel system in non-disastrous periods to improve and accelerate information sharing between healthcare providers. Future studies implementing a pre-test/ post-test approach are needed to explore the impact of the walkie-talkie application and other innovative communication methods on the quality of communication that might influence other important aspects of care at EDs, such as patient outcomes due to noise, intershift handoff quality, intrahospital transfers, and time-to-bed allocation.